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The goal of Global Health Outreach short-term medical, surgical, and dental trips is to come alongside national partners who are making disciples, planting churches, and evangelizing in their particular areas. We seek to use our medical skills to offer hope and compassion to the least, the lost, and the last who often have no access to any health services in their country. Their poverty, social class, or geography may require them to suffer in silence, and often die prematurely from medical conditions that may be treatable.


El Salvador 2015

By Vicki Dihle on 2/7/2018

I was privileged to do this trip with my sister and a couple of dea...

El Salvador

By Kimberly Webber on 1/29/2018

January in El Salvador was an awesome trip! God worked in amazing ...

Nicaragua with House of Hope

By Jim Small on 1/23/2018

This was my 7th trip. Somehow it has become an almost perfect syner...

Decide Today Who Jesus is for You

By Liliana Morales on 1/15/2018

Which of this would describe how you may introduce Jesus to your fr...


People Engaged with Global Health Outreach

Michelle King Corrie Parks Dean Hearne Laura Miller Gabriela Suarez Toni Klutho Amy Bertoncini Peter Nguyen Marie Paulette LeClair Nate Benard Valerie Ross Hazel Cates Grace Ries James Hutton Seungwon Jong Anita Liu Micah Ruppert Jack Pike Stephen Koza Connor English Eddy Nietzschmann Joy Young Joy Snyder Deborah Penzak Kara Fink Nickolas Meier Cherie Wonnell Jeeja  Thomas Nina Kiekhaefer Lale Günhan Millie Henderson Mariellen Goings Emma Grover Amy Gessford Garrett-Marijo Orr John Hernandez Crystal Hlaing Sarah Dickey Carolin Fewless Eunjin Suh Amanda Nixon Sarah Kehl Germaine  Desir Lisa Simmons Jenny Calhoun Julie Mixter Cosmina Cristea Quincy Pham Chelsea Korstad Ashley Drenth Matthew Mosgrove Alecia Stewart Chelsea Baker Krista Geisler Kimyetta Robinson Ivy Nguyen david  molind Sonrie Pickens Tammy Senior Abigail Laughter Jonathan Stone Julie Widbin Street Rock Katie Chambers Kathleen Keirn David Rivera Michaela Hope Charlotte Kedrow Crista Bowman Gary Bowman Bryan Henderson Celia Schoen Lindsay Smith Diane Thigpen Susan Hogan Olivia Tinney Amiee Frutchey Sigourney Morris Mariah Haley Gezela Ramos Kaitlyn Shepard Matt Cheung Brianne Yi Nathan Fehr Chandra Williams Todd Faulks Sarah Gregory Nadia Arreola Debra Parker Heidi Bumford Kathryn Smith Monica Hart Vincent Coryell Lynn Peters Meg Hanshaw Merry Rohweder Sara Roback Carla Perry-Davis Curtis Boschult Travis Shutt

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