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The goal of Global Health Outreach short-term medical, surgical, and dental trips is to come alongside national partners who are making disciples, planting churches, and evangelizing in their particular areas. We seek to use our medical skills to offer hope and compassion to the least, the lost, and the last who often have no access to any health services in their country. Their poverty, social class, or geography may require them to suffer in silence, and often die prematurely from medical conditions that may be treatable.


A God-Sighting

By Mark Baumeier on 11/30/2018

I would like to share a special God sighting from our trip to the D...

Moldova 2018-The Unexpected Blessing

By Kristina Berard on 10/1/2018

My entire experience between applying for the trip to Moldova to th...

Future Generations

By Ann Engel on 8/31/2018

This was my first overseas mission trip in many years. It was exci...

God Sightings in Ecuador

By Daniel Mathis on 8/19/2018

This summer, my wife and I joined a team who travelled to the rural...


People Engaged with Global Health Outreach

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