I have just returned from my trip this last Sunday evening in which I served from March 9-17 in the country of Ecuador. The Christian Global Health Outreach (GHO) Team of 39 people including myself, were able to serve total patient touches of 1709 from the fields of general medicine, optometry, and dentistry. It was so meaningful to be able to pray for patients, share the gospel, and share faith testimonies of how the Lord worked this past week at the clinic. We stayed in a total of four cities on the trip including Quito, Loja, Cuenca, and Guayaquil. As a dental student who had the wonderful opportunity to serve previously in a GHO missions trip before, I continue to pray for more opportunities to serve in missions down the road after graduation and even once I start working in private practice. I was able to serve with dental students and dentists on the trip. The third and fourth year dental students placed fillings and performed extractions. I mainly did cleanings and helped to diagnose patients in triage, along with assisting the third and fourth year dental students in their procedures. Here are a few highlight photos of the times that the team and I have spent together on the trip. We have become a strong mission trip family community. I know the lives of those impacted by our serving will continue to be led by God's guidance in the community of Loja partnered faithfully by the Arca Cuenca church. I am so grateful again for all of the support and can see His hands in guiding this trip and all other future trips ahead.