Transformation in the Bateyes

By Peggy Scholz on 6/24/2019

Dominican Republic Jun 15 - 23, 2019, Student Friendly Trip, SR1416

While still unpacking my suitcases, I wanted to unpack my thoughts ...

A Helping Hand, a Prayer, and a Necklace in Pasaje, Ecuador

By Kelly Stanek on 6/19/2019

Ecuador June 7 - 15, 2019, SR1439

On the third day of our clinic in Pasaje, Ecuador, I headed over to...

Home Visit in San Marcos de Colon, Honduras

By Kevin Smallwood on 6/14/2019

Honduras May 25 - Jun 2, 2019, Family Friendly Trip w/Rod Dynes, SR1404

During our mission trip to Honduras, I had the opportunity to go on...


By penny gaschler on 5/11/2019

Kenya August 2 - 17, 2019, SR1424

My name is Penny Gaschler. Kenya will be my second mission trip, ha...

San Miguel, El Salvador

By Elaine L Miller on 3/25/2019

El Salvador March 16 - 24, 2019 w/Nate Benard, SR1422

We just returned from our third GHO trip to El Salvador. We are a...

Greece Refugee Ministry

By Jack Pike on 2/25/2019

Athens, Greece Feb 8 - 17, 2019, Refugee Care, SR1409

As many know, outreach to the Muslim community is different than to...

San Miguel El Salvador 2019

By Stephen Ashodian on 1/21/2019

El Salvador Jan 12 - 20, 2019, SR1399

2nd GHO Trip to El Salvador and first with Team Leader Lloyd D4 and...

A God-Sighting

By Mark Baumeier on 11/30/2018

Dominican Republic July 7 - 15/2018, SR1367

I would like to share a special God sighting from our trip to the D...

Moldova 2018-The Unexpected Blessing

By Kristina Berard on 10/1/2018

Moldova September 14 - 22, 2018, SR1382

My entire experience between applying for the trip to Moldova to th...

Future Generations

By Ann Engel on 8/31/2018

El Salvador June 20 - June 28/2015

This was my first overseas mission trip in many years. It was exci...

God Sightings in Ecuador

By Daniel Mathis on 8/19/2018

Ecuador June 9 - 17/2018, SR1359

This summer, my wife and I joined a team who travelled to the rural...

Father and son on mission for the Lord

By Jack Pike on 7/30/2018

Dominican Republic July 7 - 15/2018, SR1367

This was the first time I was able to share the joy of serving in m...

Father and daughter reunited

By Hector Ramos on 7/27/2018

Dominican Republic July 7 - 15/2018, SR1367

It was touching to see Gabby doing the Lord’s work among the poores...


By Nancy Williams on 6/25/2018

Ecuador June 9 - 17/2018, SR1359

GHO ECUADOR JUNE 2018—COMPLETE RECAP Our first day of clinic was...

Update - a few months late..

By Brittany Hnida on 6/6/2018

Nicaragua January 6 - 13/2018, SR1362

Our team returned from Nicaragua months ago, and I thought as soon ...

A life changing experience in El Salvador

By VALERIA SULLIVAN on 4/30/2018

El Salvador April 14 - 22/2018, SR1356

I originally went on this mission to share my nursing skills with t...

First Medical Mission Trip

By Marie Paulette LeClair on 4/27/2018

Nicaragua April 14 - 22/2018, SR1361

It has been on my heart to participate in a medical mission trip as...

Medicine as a Carrier for the Gospel

By Bryan Pickens on 4/25/2018

El Salvador April 14 - 22/2018, SR1356

April 14-22 in El Salvador was my first missions trip. I was blown ...

Nuevo Cuscatlan

By Vicki Dihle on 4/23/2018

El Salvador April 14 - 22/2018, SR1356

We had a wonderfully cohesive team serving the beautiful people of ...

East Africa-New country

By Phillip Aday on 3/27/2018

East Africa Aug 23 - Sep 7, 2018, General Dentistry Only, SR1391

I was privileged to take a recon team of 3 dentist to this new coun...

Never too old

By Joshua Daniel on 3/27/2018

Dominican Republic March 17 - 25/2018, SR1353

On this trip I witnessed an amazing event. A 111 year old gentleman...

El Salvador 2015

By Vicki Dihle on 2/7/2018

El Salvador March 14 - 21/2015

I was privileged to do this trip with my sister and a couple of dea...

El Salvador

By Kimberly Webber on 1/29/2018

El Salvador January 13 - 21/2018, SR1347

January in El Salvador was an awesome trip! God worked in amazing ...

Nicaragua with House of Hope

By Jim Small on 1/23/2018

Nicaragua January 6 - 13/2018, SR1362

This was my 7th trip. Somehow it has become an almost perfect syner...