Our GHO team was in Greece to minister to refugees from the Middle East. One woman came to the clinic having had anxiety and depression since being forced from her homeland; her affect was flat, her head and eyes downcast. She had tried to commit suicide three times. The center in which we worked had been reaching out to her, her husband, and their four children over the past three years, showing them the compassion of Jesus. Our triage nurses and I also reached out to her with the love of Christ. I shared the Gospel with her, and about the peace that comes from having a relationship with the Savior. She prayed to become a follower of Jesus! My wife, one of the triage RN’s, noticed a change in her that day as she left the clinic—her head was upright, and a new spark of hope was in her eyes. One of the workers at the center will be following up with her, and her family, to help her grow in her faith.

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