My husband and I were blessed to serve in northern Greece in a Pomak mountain village and in Thessaloniki, Greece at a refugee outreach center. We were the first GHO team to serve there. It makes me smile thinking we were pioneers in this beautiful area.

The people of Greece were so kind and warm and appreciative of the work we did. It was so diverse. At times we were serving people, young and old who spoke five different languages. We developed interesting ways to communicate.

Our team prayed together, laughed together, cried together and the beautiful aroma of Christ was so evident. My husband and I felt in the center of God’s will.

My husband is not clinical and he was never made to feel like he wasn’t an essential team member. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Please pray specifically for the Pomak people of northern Greece and the refugees from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria as they live very difficult lives. Pray that they will bend a knee and surrender their hearts to the One True God.