I first served in this Middle East county six years ago with an "invitation only" GHO team as this was a new area for GHO. Little did I know that this initial foray into the Middle East would open up an opportunity for GHO to minister in subsequent years to refugees fleeing the horrors of Isis reign of terror. Isis reign of terror is thankfully in large part over but the trauma suffered by the refugees lingers on. It lingers on in phycological issues and in difficulty in affording access to adequate health care in the country in which the refugees have sought refuge.
God is sovereign and He is never surprised. The horrors of Isis were unspeakable ...yet this reign of terror opened a door of opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals who had been brought to a crisis of confidence in what they believed.
The opportunity to minister is still present. Refugees lives are being impacted medically, dentally, and optically. Seeds are being planted and in many cases our national partner is seeing people come to faith in Isa, as Jesus is referred to in Arabic.
I've been stretched and strengthen by serving in this county and am so excited to be able to serve here again. Is it safe to serve here? YES!! I've felt as safe in the middle of this Middle East capital city as if I were walking in downtown New York City......ok. maybe even safer!!
If you have ever wanted to serve in the Middle East...this is a trip that you will want to return to again and again.

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