Nicaragua with House of Hope

This was my 7th trip. Somehow it has become an almost perfect synergy of a short term and a long term mission. The local women have accepted our docs as friends, almost family and women and children with huge smiles surround the bus and welcome us with open arms. They spread the word in the Managua brothels about us, how we take each person wherever they are and give them the best healthcare we can, we pray with them, we do our darndest not to talk down to anyone. As a result, the incidence of abnormal pap smears (my particular area; I'm a pathologist) has gone down and down every year and we see the local women taking over more and more of the mission. It is an honor to accompany these wonderful docs, dentists, and others from Women Physicians in Christ. Oh and by the way we counted 192 professions of faith--the fields really were white after years of tilling the soil building long term loving relationships.

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