God's Hand at Work

Three years ago my wife and I volunteered at an English Camp put on by Albania Campus Crusade. We met many students but really connected with two girls- Jona and Dora, who we have stayed in touch with.Jona accepted Christ after our camp, so it has been good to encourage her and continue to pray for Dora. So we were eager to return to Albania with GHO and get the chance to reconnect with the girls. Last year Jona had told us she had a friend who was in dental school and did I know a way for her to get dental books on the internet? I suggested a website but also said I would bring some books if I got a chance to come to Albania again. So when finalizing a time to meet the girls two days before our departure on this trip I told Jona I would bring the books for her friend. She said her friend had volunteered with a group going to Fushe Arrez to help some American doctors and figured that was me. Her friend Deni was my assistant and I gave her the books personally. God is Good!

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