Eastern Europe April 13 - 24/2017, SR1308

Opportunity Overview

URGENT NEEDS:  Dentists, Dental Hygienist, Medical Providers, Physical Therapist, Nurses, Logistics (Non-medical)

God has opened wide the door for a return medical/dental mission to Ukr*ine. GHO has already been deeply invested in this region, with a recurring team to Mold*va, which is surrounded by Ukra*ne on its northern, eastern and southern borders. We are blessed to partner with a wonderful church planter in Ukrai*e, with whom I have had the honor to serve in M*ldova. He has dual citizenship in U*raine, where he was born, and in the US, where he moved during his youth. He has a passion for reaching his native country with the Good News of the Gospel and has been doing so through his ministry involving church planting and pastor support to help grow existing churches. He has dreamed of having a GHO mission come to his country to help him and now is it happening!

We will be serving in a small town in the more central part of the country, 1000 kilometers from the eastern border. We will be supporting a local pastor of a non-denominational church as he tries to reach his flock with Christ's love, redemption and salvation in a culture steeped in Orthodoxy with little or no understanding of a loving God. The plan for now, just as on other missions in the region, is for team members and their respective translators to live in the homes of the villagers where we will serve. This allows for an incredible opportunity to truly experience the life and culture of the region. Our partner's ministry is actively involved in many small villages with small group homes, orphanage and prison ministries as well as youth and family ministries.  The need is great, our partner is ready, and God is preparing the way no matter the conditions!

Do you feel God moving you to reach out to the least, last and lost? Are you ready to take the next leap of faith and go further outside your comfort zone as you are obedient to this movement of God's spirit in you? If you are not quite sure about God or Jesus Christ, or this whole "God" stuff, are you willing to open your heart and mind and find out more? Are you willing to serve and love others and in doing so put in action Christ's love? Are you willing to be the "tears of Jesus", when sometimes all else fails and there is nothing else we can do but hold them, comfort them, cry with them and pray for them? If so, this mission is for you!

I have led 30+ missions all over the world. My passion is investing in the team itself by creating an environment that is conducive to rapid team bonding and individual spiritual growth. We will spend much time together as a team and with our most special translators that each team member will have and living with 24/7. You will grow to love that person. I am ready, are you?

For more information contact Team Leader: Andy Lamb, MD - aslusma@aol.com

Global Health Outreach
P.O. Box 7500 • Bristol TN 37621
Phone: 888-230-2637
Fax: 423-764-1417

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Giving Hope One Person at a Time

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I saw Ukrainian patients in a make shift clinic and home visits ove...

Cost: $3,645.00

Application Fee: $150.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Application fee (due upon applying) $150.00
Project fee (due two weeks prior to trip) $1,495.00
International Airfare* (approximate) (due upon ticketing) $1,700.00
Domestic Airfare* (varies with starting location) $300.00
(*Administrative credit will be made when exact costs available) $0.00
  1. Important Note! The expiration date on your valid passport MUST be 6 months beyond the return date of your trip. It may take 3 to 6 months to receive a passport from your local passport office; therefore, you may consider obtaining your passport via g3visas at www.g3visas.com.
  2. Some foreign language skill is greatly appreciated
  3. Vaccinations
  1. Attending morning and evening team meetings, including devotions
  2. Serving in the capacity of position on team and/or at direction of the team leader
  1. Team is limited to 30 people
  2. You have to be 16 years old or older
  1. Complete passport if not already
  2. Talk with family
  3. Start fundraising
  4. Complete required forms & fax to 423-764-1417 or scan and email to ghoapps@cmda.org

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