Our GHO trip to El Salvador was my (along with my Husband) 9th time serving. We started under the leadership of Dr. Andy Lamb, and have been with Dr. Gordon and Varinka Williams for the past 7 trips. First, and very important, these leaders are exceptional and exemplify true servitude to God and the mission of GHO. It has been an honor to serve with them.
If anyone is interested in serving with GHO, I can testify that these trips will change your life and your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. My faith has deepened through each experience, as I have seen God work in the lives of the Salvadorans and the team members themselves. We are always kept safe and are surrounded by loving host churches. I can honestly say I have met the sincerest Christian people as part of the GHO team or from the Salvadoran support team. Some of these relationships will remain strong beyond our trip.
This year we were blessed to be joined by another team unable to go to their desired location due to logistical complications. But having this team join ours was a true blessing. It showed me that no matter how a team is configured, when we truly serve God, the members become the team God had planned all along. It showed me that other GHO teams are also all about the mission and focused on God’s work by changing the world by serving others using the gifts God gave them. When we serve the Lord first, we are always on the same team!
God moved in strong ways on this trip. We were blessed with seven doctors, several nurses, medical students, nursing students, two pharmacists and pharmacy students and two team pastors. The logistics team had several youth participants that could not have performed their duties better. Devotions and testimonies from several team members blessed us all. The music set the tone for each day, as we worshiped and gave praises to our Lord. We were truly Spirit filled and Spirit led.
The Salvadorans were very expressive of their gratitude that we came, and we were able to give out over 1500 new Bibles to those who wanted them. It was especially joyful to provide the 190 new believers with a Bible. We came home with our hearts full of joy and love from this experience. Thank you GHO, not just for enriching my life, but for the difference you make in the world.
Lauretta Brown

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