I’m still trying to process all that happened in The Gambia this past week, but this stands out as my biggest highlight: Healing of a demon-possessed woman! God had prepared me beforehand for this miraculous encounter. I had read in Mark 9 about how Jesus’ followers brought a “sick” demon-possessed boy to Jesus, and it was impressed upon me that, really, that was what we were doing at the clinics: Bringing people to Jesus to let him heal them, both physically and spiritually.

Let me see if I can summarize my thoughts about this encounter: The Lord brought this woman across my path, and I felt compelled to stop, hear her complaint, see her need, and find help for her, to “bring her to Jesus,” and Jesus miraculously healed her! How amazing, to witness her transformation before our eyes as the demon was cast out and she accepted Jesus! How like Jesus, to provide special encounters, and what an honor it was to be part of it! Coincidence that she spoke French, and I know some French and had a microSD with the Bible and the Jesus Film in French? No, that was a “God-incidence!” How grateful I am that Jesus slowed me down to see her and bring her to Him!

This was truly the presence of the Holy Spirit: I felt no fear in a place where the natural response might be terror. Praise God!!

Other highlights: Praying with several M*slims (men, women, and a boy) and a nominal Christian woman to receive Christ Jesus -- priceless! Seeing the smiles on many faces as they received the Bible on microSD, and watching them listening to the word of God on their phones.

Team meetings – I enjoyed playing my ukulele and leading worship time; the sharing was very encouraging.
Community – Even though I had never met any of the team members before, except one, there was such unity, real koinonia. I feel like my family has grown, and I hope to stay in touch with many of them and hope to see them again on another GHO trip.

Many Gambians received medical and dental care, eyeglasses, pharmaceuticals, encouragement, and salvation due to an amazing group of servants brought together for a common purpose - to bring the Gambians to Jesus.

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