The Practice of Christ-mindfulness (if there is such a word)

COVID is still raging in Nicaragua. The team of 13 (half the usual size of GHO trip) led by Jeff (our fearless leader) had to be tested negative twice to qualify to go. Our number doubled in partnership with Rolando's local GHO team and volunteers. We served in a remote village, La Corona with a makeshift assembly room for medical clinic, a cowshed (no joke, it's tin roof and dirt ground) for dental services, villagers' homes for glasses and pharmacy, and a single out-house for the conveniences of 30+. Adversities were no match for Kingdom work. I loved how Jeff reminded us that this was God in action and we should take our time to pray with every patient. I was humbled by how much God loved the songs sung loud and out-of-tune by everyone in the congregation (me included) at worship, the heartwrenching testimonies (which I learned were not our stories but stories of Christ in us), the clear godly messages of daily devotionals (arming us against all spiritual/emotional attacks), the smiles of villagers that greeted us (and fueled us on) every day, the wonderful local volunteers (interpreters, logistics operators) with whom we partnered. We literally got served. God miracle-d away the daily thunderstorm forecasted until after clinic/home visits/VBS on the last day. Not only did He send a much-needed drenching shower, He sent us off with a rainbow.

No, COVID did not drive us away. It drew us closer. The night we hunkered down for COVID testing prior to departure, the ever wavering WIFI remained strong for the 20 min testing needed for every team member. Tech-savvy locals (Roy and Arlan) also stayed to help!

It has been blessing after blessing. One can never outgive God!

I exited this trip still learning and savoring the lessons of Christ-mindfulness. I learned that when I choose to forget self and just hang with Jesus, I can rest in wherever my Shepherd takes me.

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