This experience was an experience that I always dreamed about. Having the ability to use medicine as the platform to spread the gospel. It was rewarding to be apart of such a great team. We all worked together prayed together and overcame obstacles that may have gotten in our way. One story that always replay in my mind is when a man came to the clinic to receive some assistance and at first he didn't want to give his life to christ but Brother Nate touched his soul and he returned later in the day and gave himself over. These are the type of memories that I would forever cherish. This trip was an eye opener for me to appreciate the little things in life. If I had to do it again I would do it a million times this trip was a life changer for me. Gho is now apart of my family and I look forward to the years to come. Also, in the pharmacy we was able to compound creams that was no longer available that patients needed so that was fun as well. Going out of way to ensure the best outcomes. Best experience ever !!!!!!

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