During our mission trip to Honduras, I had the opportunity to go on a home visit. I have served on many mission trips since 2009. I have never had the opportunity to do a home visit. Two other team members and our host missionary went to visit Raphael and Lourdes. Raphael is 65, Lourdes is 32. Raphael was working in his woodshop when we arrived. He makes wood art. The art that he sells, provides money so that he can buy the medicines that is needed for Lourdes. You see, Raphael is the caregiver for Lourdes. Lourdes developed Polio at age 7. Raphael's wife died 23 years ago. It has been then two of them since that time. Raphael works tirelessly to provide for Lourdes. We were visiting to care for Lourdes. She is in reasonably good health. She has the typical ailments that we had been seeing this week. Mainly seasonal allergies, muscle pain and acid reflux. She also has hypertension that was diagnosed a year ago. She had taken her last pill for her blood pressure that morning. Thankfully, I had brought the right medicines with me. We were able to provide her with these medicines to help with her ailments. It was no accident that God put this family into our path, nor was it an accident that He allowed us to have the medicines to give to her. We then asked Raphael if he had any needs. He mainly had musculoskeletal pains. We asked if they were believers. Interestingly enough, Raphael had told us that he use to be a Catholic priest/pastor. He said he believes in God, but he does not attend a church. We ask if we could pray for them and we did. They thanked so much for coming to see them. They were so appreciative. This visit and serving opportunity was by far my favorite part of this mission trip. I thank God for this serving opportunity. I am thankful that He allowed us to serve them in this capacity. I pray that I can serve in this way again. Please pray that Raphael and Lourdes would be able to connect with a church. Also pray that God would continues to give strength to Raphael so that he can continue to provide the care that he unselfishly gives for his daughter. What an awesome serving opportunity.

Thank you God.

Kevin Smallwood PA-C

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