We were in a small village in Yolaina when Josue, a quiet ten year old boy, came to my triage table with his grandmother. He stood patiently at his grandmother's side waiting for his turn as we talked about having a relationship with Jesus. When it was his turn, the Holy Spirit lead me to ask him about what he knew about Jesus. He said he knew the story. That lead me to go deeper with him about what sin is and Jesus' sacrifice for him, for me, for all of us. He said he wanted to receive Jesus as his savior and I motioned for him to sit on my lap. To my surprise, he kneeled before me with his head bowed, ready to pray together. He repeated the prayers I said on his behalf and he accepted Jesus into his heart. When we were done, his whole face changed. He was smiling so brightly. He was a new creation! Praise the Lord!

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