God introduced me to some of His amazing servants through this trip, including the 18 other GHO teammates and the Oasis church interpreters provided. I served as an RN and worship leader. I was touched by the kindness and generosity of this team, and the way God used each person - including helping me with my guitar and luggage due to a non-displaced rib fracture I sustained a couple of weeks prior to the trip. I was surprised by the gratefulness of the Haitians we came to serve - how they waited so patiently and were so appreciative for the medical care they received. Many smiling faces! If you want a new perspective on what truly matters, come serve in the DR! I was disappointed that our numbers were down for our second and third clinic days due to a bridge being flooded, not allowing folks from two neighboring bateyes to participate, but was reminded that God was in control and would provide. On day 4 of clinics, God provided a school with many classrooms at the last minute, after the area in which we planned to set up was flooded. That day, I was blessed to lead a young woman to Christ! On the fifth and final day of clinics, 3 women and one man prayed with me to accept Christ, and another young man rededicated his life to following Christ. Never underestimate what God can accomplish!
One area I wanted God to work on in me was taking opportunities to share the gospel, even when it wasn't "convenient" or put me out of my comfort zone. He did that! My prayer is that I would continue to step out of my comfort zone and be used to share His story of love and grace.
Helpful information: Only drink approved bottled water! Bring medication for nausea and diarrhea. Bring extra Deet and sunblock to share in case a teammate forgets theirs. Have a group of prayer warriors to pray for you at home, and give them a summary after you return; prayer is powerful!

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