The journey started of August 2, 2019. The team flew to Nairobi, Kenya. It was a very long trip and we were happy to finally be in Nairobi and get to know each other. Our first week was spent in Kegonga at a remote village where we set up a clinic and ministered to hundreds of people. The needs were varied and some beyond what we could help. These dear people live with wounds and other health issues for many years without medical attention. It is very hard to imagine living like they do. It is heartbreaking. It is such a blessing to think that we can make their lives just a little better by being there. After our first week was complete we packed up and headed to Maasai Mara National Reserve to see the protected wildlife in Kenya. What an experience! We also got a look into the life of Maasai people by visiting one of their villages. After a very exciting weekend we headed to Dandora which sits next to the largest garbage dump in Kenya. As far as you can see there is garbage. Some of the locals forage in the dump for anything of value they can find, even food. We set up clinic in the Dandora school and again had a never ending line of patients to see. The children who go school there were out for break, but many came to see the doctor or just play in the courtyard with the staff and each other. They are so thankful for the attention they get from the staff and we were pleased to get to know them. Again we saw many and varied health issues. The medical staff worked endlessly and the evangelistic volunteers, along with local pastors led many to salvation through Jesus Christ. It is amazing how time goes so fast when are involved in a mission like this. Although you are ready to go home and see your own family these people are tugging at your heart. It seems such a small thing that we can accomplish, but to them it may have been a life saving experience, either physically or spiritually. Our host in both clinics were eager to help in any way. I am thankful for my team and all the people locally that made this such memorable experience.

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