While still unpacking my suitcases, I wanted to unpack my thoughts on this trip. Two things stood out most: the strong sense of community, camaraderie, and unity with teammates and translators; and the physical and spiritual transformation of lives through the medical care provided and the Word shared.
I went into this trip not knowing anyone else, and left wishing I didn’t have to leave all these new friends. I became close to my translator, Dianna, which is an answer to prayer. I got along well with my coworkers, which is another answer to prayer. And the heat and humidity and mosquitos were not as bad as I had feared – a big answer to prayer!
The Holy Spirit opened up hearts, and a number of Haitians prayed to receive Christ as I prayed in English, my translator repeated in Spanish, and another translator – usually the friend who invited the patient – repeated the prayer in Creole before the patient prayed. What a beautiful process! (I will include a photo of one of the patients who prayed to receive Christ and his friend who helped translate.)
As a hospice RN, I don’t normally work with children so was not sure how that would go, but I fell in love with the Haitian children and their mothers as I triaged both, and Dr. Boden was very helpful in diagnosing the various rashes and wounds.
The times of worship ministered to my heart. Different teammates shared a testimony or something the Lord was teaching them; Dr. Boden and I led the singing with guitars. Pastor Benard often added a sense of humor. These were meaningful, sometimes emotional moments that helped us all debrief each morning and evening.
I look forward to going to the DR again next year, Lord willing.

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