My name is Penny Gaschler. Kenya will be my second mission trip, having already went to Nicaragua in 2016 with Dr. Horner. On this first mission trip I actually rediscovered my faith in God and found the people, places and stories inspiring. When not on mission or helping my elderly mother, I work full time at Gunbarrel Family Medicine as Dr. Horner's Medical Assistant. I find this work so rewarding and enjoyable that most days it feels as if I am not just going to work but rather following a path that was designed for me by God. I look forward to serving with everyone on this mission trip. Some people for the second time and other new friends in God. I request all to pray for my mother at this time as she is fighting a battle with lung cancer and COPD. She is very excited for me to take this trip and says she will be "living" it through me.

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