As many know, outreach to the Muslim community is different than to other cultures but God is moving in amazing and miraculous ways to those He loves.

We were so privileged to have translators that were, for the most part, not local church people, but brothers and sisters who gave of their time and money to travel from Israel and serve with us. My weeklong interpreter has only been saved since September and yet the Lord used him in a mighty way on the last day of our clinic to tell his story of how the Lord reached him through dreams and visions. This was told to a Muslim women who was clearly seeking answers to why she was witnessing so much love and compassion from strangers.

This woman heard clearly about Jesus and came to faith while talking with my interpreter and another Christian woman. This trip was worth just that alone, not to mention the many who were physically helped and given love and compassion in the name of Jesus.

Continue to pray for all these refugees who live in difficult circumstances in a country that, for the most part, doesn't want them there and can't give them what they need.

Pray for the Greece Christian Church who daily share physical and spiritual needs in Christ's name.

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