First Medical Mission Trip

It has been on my heart to participate in a medical mission trip as an RN. God provided that opportunity with a trip to Nicaraqua. I had lived in a developing country so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I was wrong about that. We went into a small village in Pacaya where one can only imagine the poverty. We set up a clinic in a block building filled with dust and dirt. We had no running water, no air conditioning and no flushing toilets. We take so many things for granted in the US, it is hard to imagine the everyday lives of these impoverished people. Amazingly the team set up a triage room, doctor's exam room, lab, dental care including extractions, fillings, root canals, and cleaning. A pharmacy stocked with various OTC meds, as well as blood pressure, diabetic , and topical meds for the many rashes we saw. They could even be fitted with reading glasses. The patients came early and stood in long lines for medical care. I never heard any complaining. They were very grateful that this group had come so far to help them. We were happy to be there to offer spiritual and medical care as each patient was prayed for by everyone that treated them before they left the clinic. Many accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, many knew Him and received prayer for other needs. It was a blessing to the team to be able to provide for their needs. I know I received much more than I gave. I won't ever forget these sweet people who made their way into my heart, and I would not hesitate to go again. Each of us had an interpreter as the patients spoke only Spanish. The interpreters were young, very mature and loved the Lord. This mission would not have been possible without them. GHO provided for all the team's needs with lodging and meals. We started the day with devotions and praise and worship and ended it the same way. My prayer today is that the people of Nicaragua would get the help they need from their government and the churches that love them so much. I pray for God to put hope in their hearts, and bless them richly, and raise up a mighty army of Christian believers in that country. I just thank God for the opportunity to serve Him there.

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