Every year for the last 13 years, my husband (physical therapist) and myself (RN) have traveled to the Dominican Republic to help with the medical clinic. Each year we are in a different neighborhood, but one thing always tugs at my heart - a young woman between 13-16 will sit across from me with their newborn. In the poor areas of third world countries, most don't go to school beyond what the country will pay for. In the Dominican Republic it's 4th grade. With no education and no prospects for work they do what seems to come naturally. A few years ago I spent significant time with a 12 year old that wanted us to help her get pregnant before she lost her boyfriend. As we share Christ with these young women I pray that Christians would come along side these young women to help them care for themselves and their babies. I find myself praying for these young women that older Christian women would begin to mentor them and help them find work and build their relationship with Christ so that their confidence is in Him not in how many children they have. The picture is one of the 13 year old girls with her newborn.

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