The God Ordained Wheelchair: Part 2

The rest of the story about that God ordained wheelchair that Rick spoke of. I am the person who God used to bring that wheelchair with me to the DR. After I volunteered to bring one, I had to find one. After asking around in my hometown and looking through local thrift shops to no avail I asked my mom if she knew anyone who wanted to donate a chair. She also asked some folks who work in her local church office and also checked several shops etc. Wasn’t getting anywhere until she got a text that evening from a lady at the church whose husband had called her that very day from his work at a medical facility and asked his wife if she knew anyone who needed a wheelchair because one was abandoned and was going to be thrown away. It was a very nice chair that reclined, had a high back, and extra padding. As I prepared to get on the flight to the DR, the airline refused to allow me to take the chair because they wanted to consider it a 3rd bag, even though I had called ahead to let them know. After close to 30 minutes of pushing hard saying the chair had to get on the plane someway or another, they finally just made up a handmade luggage tag and sent it on. After getting it to DR I considered several times that it would be next to impossible to get a picture to share with the donor or catch whoever got the chair because I didn’t work with PT or go on many of the home visits this trip. Thursday morning I did the devotion for our group and spoke about God’s sovereignty as exemplified in the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch and related that broad principle to how He controlled EVERY exact detail of our trip; including the specific people He would bring to the clinics, the specific times they would come, and so on. And I paraphrased that we had all been brought to the DR “for such a time as this”, as it is spoken in Esther. So not long after arriving at clinic that Thursday, I decided I’d go to the restroom and then had the thought to drop by PT and see how their day was starting since we weren’t too busy in pharmacy yet. Well….you guessed it! I stepped in the room and saw the chair in a reclined position and the 17 yo girl in it. I knew immediately, it was the chair that God had ordained for the specific person He wanted to have it. I was overcome with emotion and hurried and took pictures and a short video. Everything lined up! To almost being trashed, to almost not getting on the plane, to God leading that specific mom, who had carried her child in her arms for 17 years to come to the clinic on that day, to that chair having not been given away yet, to me just “happening” to walk in that room at that exact time to see her blessed and receive the chair, God’s lesson again rang more true than ever! God is sovereign over all! PTL!

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