The God Ordained Wheelchair

Each year we take a number of wheelchairs on the July trip to the Dominican Republic. Periodically we have a chair that we "hide" for the right patient. We keep it in the therapy room so others will not be tempted to use it. We had 19 chairs this year so keeping one in the treatment area was not going to sacrifice anyone's treatment. In Thursday morning clinic my wife Dyann an RN and leader of the triage area came in to therapy. "I have a patient who needs a big wheelchair, a 17 yo girl with Cerebral Palsy" This girl was totally disabled and was never able to hold up her head by herself much less sit or walk. For 17 years her mother has carried her wherever she would go. Even though the patient could not sit the chair was able to recline and give her mother an ability to move the patient without carrying her. PTL

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