The Story She has to Tell

It was the end of the day and I really did not need the frustration. My last patient was a young man who had ear wax in his ears packing his canals shut. He was having a lot of trouble hearing and I was trying to wash out petrified wax. We washed and washed and got very little out. I was thinking, "I do not need this". It took enough time that his cousin wandered in and was looking at my instrument table. I could see she was looking at the Evanga-cube, an instrument we use to present the gospel. It folds and opens up to lead people through the plan of salvation and introduce them to the love of God and his offer of reconciliation. It is also very colorful and interesting. She said she had a "ninos" a baby and wanted to know if she could have the "toy" for her child. I told her that it was not a toy but was something I used to present the gospel. I asked if she was a Christian and she said "No" and when I asked if she would like to hear and see the gospel presented with the Cube She said "Yes". I told her that God is perfect and that I was not and that since He could not stand anything less than perfection that I could not be with Him. At the same time He loved me and sent Jesus to die for my sins and that in spite of the fact that He was God He died on the cross and was buried in a tomb. He was dead but because He was God, He came back to life proving that He had conquered sin and made a way back for the very imperfect me to come back to Him. He made a bridge to God so that I could be with Him forever. I then offered the same to her and told her that she could take the same way back to God that I had. She very much wanted that and I led her in a prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus and His salvation. I talked about the importance of Church fellowship, prayer, bible study and evangelism and she got up to leave, looked at the Cube and asked if she could have it. I hesitated and she started to walk away. I stopped her and told her that I would give it to her if she promised to use it to tell others the same story I had told her. I got to see the excitement in her eyes as she walked away, cube in hand, ready to tell the story to someone else!
Oh and the ear wax, the man I was treating got some drops to soften it up and came back the next morning smiling. Minutes later his ears were clean and he could hear anything. I bet he will get to hear the story she has to tell.

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