Stepping Out On Faith

In March, 2016, my husband and I took our first trip with GHO to El Salvador. We went with a team of about 40 people and didn't know any of them until we arrived in the DFW airport where we met up with some of our team for the first time. From the first greeting of the other team members we knew God had put us in the right place and this was all in His timing. We met the remainder of our team when we arrived at the airport in San Salvador and was greeted by our team leader, Dr. Frank Imbarrato. Our first trip resulted in many tears of joy and a tremendous bond with our GHO family. After that trip, we have felt led to participate in 2 more trips, one in July of 2016 and in March of 2017 both back to El Salvador. We have had many opportunities to help our brothers and sisters in El Salvador and to lead many to Christ through the eye glass clinic and the medicine clinic. I was able to lead a young man, his wife and his young daughter to Christ in Aug of 2016. When we returned to the same clinic in March 2017 I was able to reunite with this family and stand together to worship our Savior!

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