What an awesome trip we had this year! Of course they are always awesome but it was great! Got to see old friends from the states and in Guatemala and met a couple of new ones that are now old friends! We went as a surgical team, with general surgeons and OB/GYN's prepared to do what ever needed to be done. At the end of our stay, on Thursday we were all blessed with an unexpected surprise, a c-section!!! Yes, a young mom that was pregnant with her second child, needed to deliver by c-section. You would have thought this medical team had never seen or experienced this or the birth of a baby!!! Little George was born weighing in at 8 lbs and did wonderful and so did mom!!! What a joy to get to share that with the mom and each other. We took turns loving on baby George and finally let momma have him!!! What a joyous occasion and what a way to leave with a bang!!!

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