Going on this trip, I had no idea what I was actually going to be doing on this trip as a logistic team member, but I was able to see and experience more than I could ever imagine.I was able to see how medical professionals are able to use their gift to help people in the medical needs as well as their spiritual needs. One time after treating a patient, we asked if we could pray for her and she said "of course". I was asked to pray, and after I was done, she was in tears, I felt that I really impacted her life, even by just praying for her and her family. It was also touching working in the pediatric part of the clinic. One family had 4 children and they were all full of smiles and happiness regardless of how impoverished they were. Just seeing their smiles based off seeing a doctor listen and look at them made me have the great desire to continue going for my dream of becoming a PA. Gods presence was all around me that whole week and he blessed me with an amazing experience with an amazing team.

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