Change. Team.

Life is full of change. Change is constant. Change is unpredictable. Change is painful. Change is exciting. Change makes diamonds. Nicaragua is a country that has been through so much change, most of which I did not know about until God put it on my radar through my cousin and her family, The Griffins. I discovered this seemingly poor, third world country in need of more change that brings about comfort and prosperity. But how can I, one person, bring such change? I, cannot. What can I offer to a place that needs infrastructure, healthcare, and basic needs? Change. Real change that comes through the love of Jesus Christ. One person at the time. One piece of coal changed into a beautiful diamond.
Team. No "I" in team. I went to serve. I went to help bring about change. No "I" can do that. But a team can. Our team did. One person at the time. One village child or elder. One village pastor or wife. One team member, changed. One team changed, forever.
I went to bring change to Nicaragua, a beautiful diamond of a country. I came back changed. A part of a team.
Come be part of the change. Come be part of the team. Come let God show you His beauty in this diamond-of-a-country, Nicaragua. It is rich in beautiful faces and land that needs to feel His loving change through HIS ordained team!

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