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The goal of Global Health Outreach short-term medical, surgical, and dental trips is to come alongside national partners who are making disciples, planting churches, and evangelizing in their particular areas. We seek to use our medical skills to offer hope and compassion to the least, the lost, and the last who often have no access to any health services in their country. Their poverty, social class, or geography may require them to suffer in silence, and often die prematurely from medical conditions that may be treatable.


Future Generations

By Ann Engel on 8/31/2018

This was my first overseas mission trip in many years. It was exci...

God Sightings in Ecuador

By Daniel Mathis on 8/19/2018

This summer, my wife and I joined a team who travelled to the rural...

Father and son on mission for the Lord

By Jack Pike on 7/30/2018

This was the first time I was able to share the joy of serving in m...

Father and daughter reunited

By Hector Ramos on 7/27/2018

It was touching to see Gabby doing the Lord’s work among the poores...


People Engaged with Global Health Outreach

Luke Porter Donald Darling Lauretta Brown Emily Flores Richard Tanaka Sookie Youm Christina True Natalie Lowe Joe Mowery Denise Ceron Joshua Tomlin Melissa  McCollum Lauren Albers Micah Ruppert Rose Wascher Amy Katz Anthony Graziano COLE WALTERS Carolin Fewless Megan Griffin Kevin Dihle Danyelle O'Dell Stephen Albertson Abigail Trezise Brianna Vreeland Robert Wold Vivian Hoang Jane Provorse Pamela Mazza Erica Guglielmi Taylor Collazo Rachael Johnston Jenny Calhoun Andre Jones Elizabeth Bobenmoyer David Forester Ashley Drenth Kimberly Brown Susan Williams Bonnie Brown Kirsten Baker Julia Puerto Emily Shelton Scott Swigart Claudia Mobley Emily Anderson Carmelle Tsai David Rempel Isabel Strouse Brittany Dougherty Marti Hawes-Baird Emilee Thomas Mary Beth Trimble Vicki Dihle Brianne Yi Michael Pluymert Ann Kammien Abigail Laughter Sandra Hedrick Brittany Cleveland Valerie Preston Emily Howard Madeline Wigent Claudett Vance Ann-Sophie Van Backle Dr C Steven Hieronymus Samuel Capadano Amanda Batter Shantae Rodriguez Carolyn Chabuz Nayda Quiles Burrell Natalie Arndt David Byler Sigourney Morris Naomi Graves Rachel Fenters Molly Nadeau Joshua Shing Lisa Greenan Connie Brinker Joy Young sandeep dhaliwal Kate Hollis Xinping Zhang Caroline Adams Colleen Johnson terrie Jones Emma Grover VALERIA SULLIVAN Eric Burness Donald Thompson Sheila Foxworthy Bradley Bruggeman brice burke Jessica Williams Jenna Weidinger Kirk Sheplay Megan Thornton Nicholas Lakomski Grace Ries