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Honduras May 26 - June 3/2017, SR1317

May 26 - Jun 3, 2017
Tegucigalpa, HN
Application closed

Honduras May 27 - June 4/2017, SR1299

May 27 - Jun 4, 2017
San Marcos de Colon, HN
Application closed
Application closed

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About Us

The goal of Global Health Outreach short-term medical, surgical, and dental trips is to come alongside national partners who are making disciples, planting churches, and evangelizing in their particular areas. We seek to use our medical skills to offer hope and compassion to the least, the lost, and the last who often have no access to any health services in their country. Their poverty, social class, or geography may require them to suffer in silence, and often die prematurely from medical conditions that may be treatable.


Giving Hope One Person at a Time

By James Kedrow on 5/1/2017

I saw Ukrainian patients in a make shift clinic and home visits ove...

Clinic & House Calls

By Todd Faulks on 4/5/2017

I was blessed to be a part of a large trip to the Dominican Republ...

Jesus multiplies the fish

By Kendra Morrell on 4/3/2017

When serving as a nurse anesthetist on previous GHO trips, I rarely...

Stepping Out On Faith

By Melanie Kerr on 3/24/2017

In March, 2016, my husband and I took our first trip with GHO to El...


People Engaged with Global Health Outreach

Keith Roberts Norbert Bittner Paul Juengel Samuel Torres Haley Lamp Alesha Sabers Gail  Knight Donna Boatwright Stephanie  Bailey David Bertoncini Bryan Nerren Gary Bowman Charles Feng Charles Lively Rachael Johnston Joseph Schuessler Jada Mone'e Harris Jamie Cucit Stephen Major TERRI MEDLIN John Hernandez Karol Holifield Ann Engel Brooke Smith Lale Günhan Allison Harlos Daniel Cunningham Stephanie Misdary Justin Junus Naomi Graves Caitlin Lawrence Renée Deruchia Michelle Lawton Marissa Lin Kristen Ness Kara Siemens Lanette Guthmann Emily Black Mary Jane Schrock Andrew Timboe Brigit Kirwan Renae Keller Kristen Kuwitzky Josh Reside Julie Mixter Timothy Daugherty Alyssa Hunefeld Garrett-Marijo Orr Collin Hayes Rebecca Simmons Joshua Daniel Megan Pellett Richard Tanaka Rebecca Jones Kelsey Brown Heather Jenkins alicia parker Andrew Reside Troy Amnott Jesse Simmons Rodrigo Castro III Deanna Horst Kayla Calvert Claudett Vance Emily Kuba Lorie-Ann Foster Kenneth Spicer Kaleigha Marshall Marla Blauschild Todd Faulks Elizabeth Pajares Michael Kheir Joe Mowery Mallory Lawrence Esther Lee Kanisha Mehta Rick Boden Gail Parsons Quincy Pham Aileen Thai Brian Cole Josh Bryant Emily Cosgrove James Wise Samuel Capadano Celina Burchett Evan Nix COLE WALTERS Fred Cook Robb Hicks sarah coyle Jacob Huene Jennifer Millsap Kathleen Matthews You Na Kheir Maria Trescony Sheila Foxworthy Melissa Vonsenden Charles Omondi Christina Ng